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Millions of Dollars are being Traded each day between CryptoCurrency Markets.
The Big Winners collaborate as a Team – The Big Losers try to go it Alone.
Join the Exclusive community of organized Traders, to always Profit on your Investments.

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The Coin Traders Club (CTC) is a Private Membership Community for CryptoCurrency Traders

Our website serves as a powerful, convenient platform, for paid members of this “gated community” to collaborate together for market advantage and profit.

Working together as a group allows traders to have more control of the markets they invest in.

It gives them the power to increase, decrease or stabilize the price of a cryptocurrency at will.
This gives them a significant advantage over individual traders, allowing the group to always profit together on each trade.

The Coin Traders Club is the #1 meeting place for serious investors of cryptocurrencies to plan strategically orchestrated entry and exit points between Altcoins/Bitcoins.

Members can use this team-advantage to:

  • Gain Insider Information to predict the price direction of an Altcoin
  • Know in Advance when planned “Pumps” or “Dumps” are going to take place
  • Buy Lower, Sell Higher = More Profit
  • Manipulate the price of an Altcoin
  • Stabilize or Raise the value of a favourable Altcoin
  • Halt or Depreciate the value of a competing Altcoin
    … and more

We offer features unlike any other website, that are specifically designed to help crypto-traders communicate and collaborate together in sync, for successful and fair trading projects.

Why Join?



Teams have a much higher chance of success than Individual Investors.

Joining a Private trader community, then trading together as a Team, in collaboration with other group members, will profit you much more than trading alone would.

You are likely to earn back much more than the membership fee you paid to join, even from your First trade.

Find other crypto-investors who, just like yourself, are looking for Trading Partners to work with, for increased Profits and Success rates.



Example Scenarios

Let us look at two example scenarios:
a) An Individual Investor
b) A Team of Investors
… both investing in an Altcoin, for Profit.

The Individual Investor (Scenario A)

  1. An Individual Trader invests 1 BTC into an Altcoin.
  2. The 1 BTC invested creates only a small, temporary increase in the Altcoin’s price.
  3. Unfortunately, this trader has NO Backup or Support.
  4. The Price Direction, from here onwards, lies almost completely out of the trader’s hands. The future price will be determined by outside influences, of which the trader has little to no control over.
Individual Btcoin Investor
This trader made a Risky move, by trading alone. Chances of profiting is Slim…

After the 1 BTC investment, there wasn’t anything more this trader could do, but to wait and hope.

Without a team, or a sizeable amount of Bitcoins to invest with, he has No Control of the market.

The price could go up or down, it could become stagnant. It is very hard to predict the future price, especially without the power to influence.

This trader is Gambling Dangerously with his investment; success for him, is mostly up to Luck.

The Team of Investors (Scenario B)

  1. A Team of Traders, together, has 10 BTC to invest into an Altcoin.
  2. They buy 4 BTC worth of Altcoins, 1 BTC  at a time, at strategic intervals.
  3. This buying pattern drives the price Upwards, creating a Positive Trend for this Altcoin, while raising the Optimism of onlookers.
  4. Outside investors observe the steady price growth of this Altcoin, expecting the price to multiply in the near future. This drives them to jump in on this Altcoin immediately, before the price rises any higher.
  5. The Team of Traders can now halt on purchasing more Altcoins, as Outside Traders are following the positive trend with optimism, buying into this Altcoin, continuing to drive the price upwards, after the initial team has already completed their investments, at lower prices.
  6. The Team also sets up a 3 BTC “Buy Wall” as Support, which helps prevent the Altcoin’s price from falling drastically at any point. This adds to the optimism of outside investors.
  7. The Team still has an additional 3 BTC on-hand as Backup, which they may use at any point, to either “Bump” the price up higher, if growth stagnates, or, it can be used for additional Buy Wall support, as the price climbs higher.
Team of Btcoin Investors
The Team of Investors are very likely to be Winners!

They bought into the Altcoin Low enough, and strategically bumped the price Upwards, creating a Positive price trend, fuelling the interest of outside investors.

From there on, the price continues to rise, without the Team’s intervention.

The Team traded Successfully; the value of their investments has multiplied since the purchase price.

They can then Cash-Out of that Altcoin at the right time, to reap their Profits.

Insider Information

  • Have the Advantage of knowing which Altcoins to invest in and which to avoid.
  • Know exactly when to Buy and when to Sell, for maximum profits.
  • Access Secret and Critical market information that is not publicly available.


  • Find other Crypto-Investors just like yourself, who are also looking for Trading Partners.
  • As a Team, you have more Power to Influence and Control the market you invest in.
  • Have the Support and Backup of your Team-mates, increasing your chances of Success.
  • Build more Complex and Strategic trading plans, using the Skill and Experience of a diverse team.

Private Projects

  • Create Private Projects to allow only chosen members to participate in your plans.
  • Apply to join Private Projects of other members as well.
  • Allow only members above a chosen Rating Level to access and join your Project, keeping a limited, yet strong and trustworthy, team.

Own a Personal Club

  • Already have your own Private Traders Club, or planning to start one?
    Use our platform to give your members a more convenient, more professional meeting area.
  • Set your own price for your subscribers, and Profit!
  • Pay a very small fee of just 0.01 Bitcoins ($0.00 USD) per month, for a Club Owner Licence.
  • There is No Limit to how large your Personal Club can grow; your Licence fee remains the same, regardless of your club size.

Member Ratings

  • Each Member will have both a Personal Rating and a Project Rating, which helps others to decide whether to work with them or not.
  • Personal Ratings are based on how other members rate your Trustworthiness and Performance.
  • Project Rating are based on the successfulness of the various projects you have participated in.


Exclusive and Private

We increase the entry price with each new member, to keep our community concentrated with only serious traders. Be teammates with some of the most elite cryptocurrency investors on the world.

Event Calenders

With beautiful calendar-style event listings, easily keep track of upcoming group projects and planned market manipulations. Quickly decide with one glance at the specifications, which trading events are right for you.

Control and Customization

Our platform gives you full control of who can participate in your trading projects, as well as control over how much information you share with certain groups, individuals or criterion of members.


Never miss out on important investment opportunities. Set notification reminders on projects you wish to be a part of. Subscribe for alerts on upcoming projects which meet your preference criteria.

Discussion and Chat

Learn and share insider information within our private forums. Chat with other members in real-time, using our chat-rooms. Send individual, group or bulk messages to other members.

Ongoing Development

We plan to continue developing and improving Coin Traders Club indefinitely, to better suit and satisfy our club members. We listen intensively to feedback and aim to build the perfect meeting place for serious crypto-investors, such as yourself.
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